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The Korean Journal of International Studies (KJIS) is the official journal of the Korean Association of International Studies (KAIS). It is a triannual peer-reviewed academic journal covering global and regional affairs and theoretical debates in the field of international relations and area studies. The KJIS ......
KJIS Award

Pipeline Politics between Europe and Russia: A Historical Review from the Cold War to the Post-Cold War
Jae-Seung Lee and Daniel Connolly
Received October 27, 2015; Accepted January 5, 2016.
Political Risks and Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in East Asia: A Case Study of “China-Plus-One”
Keisuke Iida
Received December 5, 2014; Accepted July 24, 2015.
Bridging the Theoretical Gap between Public Diplomacy and Cultural Diplomacy
Hwajung Kim
Received February 10, 2017; Accepted June 13, 2017.